Preparing and Finishing Decorative Concrete Floors One Foot at a Time!

Preparing and Finishing Decorative Concrete Floors One Foot at a Time!

hd epoxy floor systems


Epoxy Floor Systems allow you to add a durable abrasion resistant floor that’s easy to clean and is a stunning decorative touch to any room.

For Residential and Commercial Use

Typical Applications:

Why Epoxy Floors?

Epoxy Floors are seamless and can be steam cleaned making them very easy to clean, antimicrobial, and hygienic. They are easy to clean and maintain allowing you to keep bacterial levels at a minimum.

Epoxy Floors are long lasting, durable, hard and abrasion resistant. They don’t even require polishing or buffing to maintain. Pigments, Flakes, and Quartz come in a wide array of colours allowing you to customize the look of the floor to your room. Marble Floors are very unique allowing you to create a one of a kind look.

Mesh logos can be added during the floor application process creating a personalized touch for you or your business.

Epoxy Floor Systems

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Floor Grinding Service

Industrial Floor Grinders are used to prepare concrete surfaces prior to the application of new coatings. Grinding concrete can help to remove old coatings, chemicals, adhesive residues and stains to create a smooth clean flat concrete surface.

hd epoxy floor grinding services


If a floor is not properly prepared the epoxy can peal or flake. H.D. always properly prepares the concrete to ensure a high-quality floor that will last is produced.

hd epoxy process

H.D. Process

Each Floor begins with diamond grinding the concrete to ensure the epoxy has the right surface to properly adhere to. Cracks and joints are filled and sealed to create a solid surface. A bond coat is applied as a first coat to seal the entire floor A second bond coat is then applied.