Basement Floor Protection Solutions: Epoxy Seamless Coatings

Damages from heavy rain and groundwater penetration affected hundreds of homes in Southern Ontario this summer. As residents of the area, our crews understand the frustration and stress that come with water seeping into your home. While a seamless epoxy floor coating may not prevent flooding in the future, it can certainly make clean-up quicker and easier, while protecting living and storage spaces from water damage.

Why Are Epoxy Coatings A Good Option for Basements?

Hygienic and Impermeable: Epoxy floor coatings are made up of several different layers depending on the requirements of the project. As with our commercial projects, basement epoxy coatings are only as effective as the system they are part of. With most slab-on-grade and subgrade floors, after grinding and preparing the floor, a moisture mitigating vapour barrier is applied first as a primer layer. This offers a complete moisture barrier, and can block vapour emissions up to 20 pounds per 1000 square feet for 24 hours.

What Are the Benefits of an Epoxy Floor Coating in a Basement?

Seamless Integration: After filling any cracks and pits in the floor and allowing the primer to cure, the subsequent epoxy coatings form an impermeable seamless layer. Epoxy coatings provide a complete moisture barrier that envelops the entire floor surface, preventing water from entering through the floor. By extending the epoxy coating up the walls to create a wall base, both wall bases and the floor will be better protected from water penetration, even in hard-to-reach areas behind and under walls. Once complete, the basement floor will have a monolithic surface that eliminates any potential entry points for water, all while looking great.

What Do Finished Seamless Epoxy Floors Look Like?

Beyond the Standard: Customise your basement while ensuring durability and easy maintenance. Epoxy-coated floors can transform your basement into a welcoming space, whether for recreation, storage, or additional living areas. From basic solid coloured concrete grey coatings, to decorative flake and quartz aggregate additives, all the way up to luxurious metallic and marble-look finishes, the options for epoxy are almost endless. In addition to their visual appeal, when compared to unfinished concrete and wood laminate, epoxy coatings are much more resistant to moisture, scratches, and chemicals, and are better at minimising the conditions that promote mould growth.

Are Epoxy Floors Worth The Cost?

Lasting Protection at Comparable Prices: Epoxy coatings are known for their longevity. Once installed, they provide lasting protection against moisture-related issues, easily safeguarding your basement for 10 to 15 years. When compared to the costs of laminate, tile, and luxury vinyl plank flooring, decorative epoxy floor coatings are not only competitive but also offer far greater longevity than even the most advanced flooring paints. There’s also the added benefit in terms of property or resale value. An epoxy-coated basement floor showcases a proactive approach to flood prevention and an investment in long-term floor finishing solutions, potentially setting the home apart from comparable homes for sale in the area.

At HD Custom Concrete Finishes we install a wide range of product options from quartz, flake, solid colour, custom colour, metal finish, marble finish, and concrete sealing. We at HD Custom Concrete Finishes excel at exposing the beauty of concrete and providing a long-lasting finish. Whether it’s your garage or your warehouse, we’re committed to assisting you in finding the right floor customization. Our trained crews take the time to get it right, right from the start of the project.

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By: HD Painting Contractor Ltd.